Cafe Brazil’s Brazilian Cookshop

Bring a little Brazilian sunshine into your kitchen with Cafe Brazil’s Brazilian Cookshop Marinades, cooking sauces and rubs!  Made in Devon to Vovó Nega’s original recipes using the very best ingredients available.


  • Classic Churrasco Rub
  • Paulista Steak Rub
  • Brazilian Rib Rub
  • Chili, Lime & Cumin Marinade
  • Spicy Malagueta Marinade
  • Dende Oil & Cilantro Marinade

Classic Churrasco Rub

Brazilians would never barbecue meat without a generous rub with Churrasco salt, ours is Vovó’s unique blend of Brazilian rock salt with subtle herbs and spices enough to make a difference, not enough to spoil good meat!

Paulista Steak Rub

An Uber special blend of Brazilian herbs, salts and spices from Vovó Nega’s cousin in Sao Paulo, rich and sweet, will work with any meat but in Sao Paulo they use it on Picanha and Ribeye.

Brazilian Rib Rub

Vovó Nega’s Rib Rub tenderises and flavours the meat at the same time, her secret mix of Brazilian spices, berries and herbs will make you the Rei-de-Costelas!

Chilli, Lime & Cumin Marinade

Chilli, Lime & Cumin are all major players in Brazilian cooking, Vovó’s version of the classic combination marries to perfection the flavours of Brazil, ideal for the barbecue, grills and stews, liquid sunshine!

Spicy Malagueta Marinade

Malagueta is a small hot chilli found extensively in Brazil, our marinade combines the flavour of the Malagueta with tomato, basil, sweet chilis and garlic for an awesome chicken marinade.

Dende Oil & Cilantro Marinade

Dende is a palm oil used heavily in Bahia, the distinctive Dende flavour is a perfect match for the cool Cilantro in this deliciously different marinade which works well with any meat.