Brazilian Snack Platters

Our Brazilian snack platters are the perfect solution to brighten up any business lunch or office party, all the savoury snacks are prepared fresh and delivered ready to eat to your door.  The portions are generous with ten pieces per person.  We can also supply soft drinks at an extra cost.  Minimum order ten people priced at only £7.50 per person including delivery within 10 miles of Barnstaple.

Snack Platter Menu


Bolinhos de Bacalhau, Risoles de Carne, Coxinha de Frango com Catupiry, Pastels de Quijo, Pao de queijo recheado, Brazilian Spiced Mayo Dips


Menu in English!

Salted Cod Balls, Risoles filled with spiced minced beef, Teardrop shaped pastry with shredded chicken and cream cheese, Deep fried pastry with cheese, Cheese bread stuffed with creamed cheese, mildly spiced mayonnaise dips.


Brazilian Snack Platters

11 + 12 =